One of our core values at Legacy City Church is living life together as part of a community. When Christ saves and transforms us, our identity immediately becomes part of a community and we are brought into His family. We were made for true community and thrive in this kind of environment. God himself exists within a community of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Therefore, our lives should reflect and mirror our God.

One vital way this happens is through Community Groups. Our vision for church throughout the week can be stated as follows: Legacy gathers on Sunday and scatters the rest of the week into smaller groups.

Believers and seekers have the opportunity to meet with one another in homes. Knowing others and being known by others is the goal. The gospel creates the kind of community where people experience what its like to grow in an atmosphere of grace, love, hospitality, friendship, and support for one another.

We invite you to join one of our community groups and experience the love of Christ through His people. In these groups we hope questions will be answered, support will be given, and friendships will be built that sustain you through life as you walk with Christ.

For more information about getting into a community group please fill out the information below and you will be contacted:

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