Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about Legacy City Church. For all
additional questions, please contact us.

About Legacy

Q: Are you a Christian church?

A: Yes! You may review our statement of faith learn more clearly about our beliefs and practice.

Q: Why a church in Los Angeles?

A: Why not? God, through His Word, has expressed his clear love for cities. Today, cities are often viewed as powerful cultural centers that are too diverse and secular to embrace any kind of religious belief and practice. Yet, we believe cities are incredibly valuable to the good of society and God establishing His kingdom through the gospel of Jesus Christ. (See Jeremiah 29)


Q: When do you have Sunday service?

A: Currently we gather every Sunday for worship at 11:00am. We meet at Bridges Academy in Studio City. Click here for more details

Q: Is there accessible parking for Sunday service?

A: Yes! By God’s grace, Bridges Academy has over 100 parking spots available on campus right next to the gymnasium that we meet in. There are a few spaces available near the front of the gym for vehicles displaying a Disabled Person Parking placard.

Q: Is the Bible used during your church service?

A: Absolutely! Every Sunday the Bible is being read, sung, and preached.

Q: Does your church take communion and perform baptisms?

A: Yes! We believe these two acts are vital sacraments that Christ commanded His church to practice regularly.

Q: Do you offer Children’s Ministry?

A: Yes. We have volunteers who feel called to serve in this way and offer ministry during our Sunday service. If you have more question about children ministry please contact us.


Q: How can I financially support Legacy?

A: An alternative to giving during our Sunday Service we do provide online giving. You can donate and support by clicking here.


Q: Do you have midweek services or provide small/ home groups?

A: Our philosophy for church is simple. Legacy gathers once a week on Sundays and scatters the rest of the week into smaller groups that we call Community Groups. More information for this can be found by clicking here.

Q: How can I serve at Legacy?

A: One of our favorite questions! We have different opportunities to serve as our church continues to grow. Please click here for more information.

Q: Does your church offer counseling?

A: Yes. The leaders at Legacy strive to serve and encourage those seeking counseling. At the end of each service our leaders are available at the front of the stage. Additionally, to set an appointment with our Pastor please contact us.

City Outreach

Q: How do you engage with the city of Los Angeles?

A: We believe the most effective way to engage and care for the good of our city is through personal relationships. We desire to see our community engage people from all walks of life through their vocations and neighborhoods with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also will partner with existing local organizations that serve our city.